Ramblings of a developer

Ramblings of a developer

Hi folks 👋👋 I'm Matthew, a security specialist and tech principal @ Thoughtworks. Thanks for popping by.

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Over the years I’ve run loads of workshops, brownbags, knowledge transfers, presentations and lightning talks. I’m immensely proud of what I achieved, however failed to really document or share these outside of the initial group. This felt wasteful.

I wanted a place to share my thoughts that wasn’t confined to a private google drive or a set of notes that I rarely revisit. I have also set myself a goal to improve my writing skills and to share more of my experiences, and feel that this is a perfect place to do it.

Over the coming weeks or months (Depending on how much I procrastinate) I will be publishing articles on some of my achievements from the last couple of years. I want the timeline of this blog to match the timeline of my experience, therefore expect this welcome post to be somewhat oddly placed in the future.