Ramblings of a developer

Ramblings of a developer

Hi folks 👋👋 I'm Matthew, a security specialist and tech principal @ Thoughtworks. Thanks for popping by.


Hi 👋,

I’m Matthew, a security specialist and tech principal @Thoughtworks.

Over the last 17 years I’ve been a contractor, consultant and full time employee. I’ve worked in a broad range of domains, including; public sector, music, fashion & photography, advertising & ecommerce, finance & banking, risk analysis, hospitality, medical, publishing and travel.

I’ve also played a variety of roles, some of these include; technical support, infra engineer, technical business analyst, full stack engineer, tech lead, principal engineer and trainer.

Currently my passion lies in building safe and autonomous teams, with a focus on team wellbeing and growth.


  • Thoughtworks - Multiple roles

    Leading global technology consultancy | Apr 2018
    • Public Sector Demand - Technical Pre-Sales Partner

      Security & Cross Government


    • Public sector - Technical Principal & Architect

      Responsible for crafting and implementing multi-team, multi-year technical vision.

      Leading a team of over 100, split into cross functional, multi disciplined teams. Organised around products.

      Strong focus on security, data privacy, and stability. Guided by NCSC and aligned to The Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF), assured with automated governance. Provisioning CNI with modern software delivery practices.

      Operating an accessible service assessed by The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) against a GDS Service Assessment, following The Technology Code Of Practice


    • Thoughtworks university - Trainer

      Thoughtworks University (TWU) is a global training program that introduces our newly hired graduates and career changers to the principles, practices and skills required to build working and valuable software.

      Established in 2005, TWU has always continuously evolved, and since 2022 has grown into a remote learning program that supports the entire first-year graduate experience.

      Remote (Global)

    • BestSecret- Fashion Ecommerce - Lead engineer

      Improved software delivery performance and DevEx.

      Munich (Germany) & Remote

    • Travel (OTA) - Lead engineer and SME

      Search engine design and implementation

      Remote (UK)

    • Trainer - Course creator

      9 week immersive course including; lean inception, user research and delivery. Structured around best practice concluding in a real production application.

      Remote (UK)

    • Tieto EVRY- Banking - Engagement & Tech lead

      Legacy displacement of Core Banking system.

      Focus on team topologies, domain driven design, developer experience and software delivery performance, assessed against the 4 key metrics

      Bergen (Norway), Oslo (Norway), Kiev (Ukraine) & Bengaluru (India)

    • Legal publishing - Tech lead

      Search engine design and implementation
      London (UK) & Raleigh (USA)

    • One Million Mentors - Hacknight organiser and contributor

      London (UK)

    • Medical/ Healthcare - C# & .Net SME & Engineer

      Event driven architecture design and implementation
      Manchester (UK) & London (UK)


    Java C# Python Clojure Kotlin NodeJs VueJS React Mongo Redis PostgreSQL MySQL Elasticsearch Solr Kafka Terraform Ansible Kubernetes Azure AWS GCP ...And many more
  • Ormsby Street - Principal engineer

    Finance & business insight | Mar 2016 - Apr 2018 | London (UK)

    Building high throughput systems and heavy data processing. Ensured smooth transfer during acquisition.


    C# .Net Java Azure DataFactory Azure Search Knockout RabbitMQ Microservice Architecture
  • Resident Advisor - Developer & Architect

    Music, publishing & events | Jan 2015 - Feb 2016 | London (UK) & Berlin (Germany)

    Resident Advisor is your global guide to clubs, DJs, tickets, news and rave culture. Custom Authorization, Custom Authentication, High traffic enviroments.


    C# .Net
  • SiliconPanda - Founder

    Web Agency | July 2014 - Apr 2018 | London (UK)

    Web design agency with a multi tenant CMS at its core.


    C# dotnet core VueJS Azure Azure Media Service Azure Search Service SQL Azure Azure Table Storage Azure Message Service Azure Blob Storage
  • Intelligent Reach - Developer

    E-commerce | Feb 2014 - Jan 2015 | London (UK)

    A complete Product & Data Feed Management platform, to boost your product visibility, expand commerce connectivity and enhance performance


    Big data SQL SSAS C# Angular Lucene .Net
  • Dazed Digital - Developer

    Fashion & photography publishing | June 2013 - Feb 2014 | London (UK)

    Custom CMS. Rich media. Azure migration


    Azure Kaltura C# .Net
  • AEI Media - Developer

    Music, streaming, events & e-commerce | Jan 2012 - June 2013 | London (UK)

    Principal developer for AEI Media- holding company for a variety of bass music companies. Ranging from streaming, events, news, label, publishings, distribution, etc. Lead developer at drum&bassArena, multichannel bass music brand.

  • Drum&BassArena - Lead developer

    Music & e-commerce | Jan 2012 - June 2013 | London (UK)

    Services including; news, events, blogs, live video streaming, high quality music downloadstore, portals and reporting services for distributors and labels.


    C# .Net MS SQL Lucene JavaScript
  • Financial software ltd - Technical analysst & developer

    Finance | Oct 2010 - Dec 2011 | London (UK)

    Award-winning capital gains calculation and investment tax management backed by unrivalled expertise.


    C# .Net Silverlight MS SQL JavaScript
  • Mayflower Collection - IT support & developer

    Travel & hospitality | Jul 2006 - Oct 2010 | London (UK)

    In house reservation system development (with WISH technologies integrations)