Ramblings of a developer

Ramblings of a developer

Hi folks 👋👋 My name is Matthew and I work in tech. Thanks for popping by.


Hi 👋,

I’m Matthew, I’ve worked in tech for around 17 years. I’m currently a tech lead at Thoughtworks.

Over the years I’ve been a contractor, consultant and full time employee. I’ve worked in a broad range of domains, including; music, fashion & photography, advertising & ecommerce, finance & banking, risk analysis, hospitality, medical, publishing and travel.

I’ve also played a variety of roles, some of these include; technical support, infra engineer, technical business analyst, full stack engineer, tech lead, principal engineer and trainer.

Currently my passion lies in building safe and autonomous teams, with a focus on team wellbeing and growth.


  • Thoughtworks - Tech Lead

    Leading global technology consultancy


    Public sector Thoughtworks university trainer Fashion Ecommerce Travel (OTA) Trainer (Course creator) Tieto EVRY- Banking Legal publishing One Million Mentors Medical/ Healthcare


    Java C# Clojure Kotlin NodeJs VueJS React Mongo PostgreSQL MySQL Elasticsearch Solr Kafka Terraform Ansible Kubernetes Azure AWS GCP ...And many more
  • Ormsby Street - Principal engineer

    Finance & business insight

    Building high throughput systems and heavy data processing. Ensured smooth transfer during acquisition.


    C# .Net Java Azure DataFactory Azure Search Knockout RabbitMQ Microservice Architecture
  • SiliconPanda - Founder

    Web design agency with a multi tenant CMS at its core.


    C# dotnet core VueJS Azure Azure Media Service Azure Search Service SQL Azure Azure Table Storage Azure Message Service Azure Blob Storage
  • Resident Advisor - Developer & Architect

    Music, publishing & events

    Green & Brown field development, including: API (B2B and C2B), Custom Authorization, Custom Authentication, High traffic enviroments.


    C# .Net
  • Intelligent Reach - Developer


    eCommerce tracking and analytics


    Big data SQL SSAS C# Angular Lucene .Net
  • Dazed Digital - Developer

    Fashion & photography


    Azure Kaltura C# .Net
  • AEI Media - Developer

    Music, streaming, events & e-commerce

    Principal developer for AEI Media- holding company for a variety of bass music companies. Ranging from streaming, events, news, label, publishings, distribution, etc. Lead developer at drum&bassArena, multichannel bass music brand.

  • Drum&BassArena - Lead developer

    Music & e-commerce

    Services including; news, events, blogs, live video streaming, high quality music downloadstore, portals and reporting services for distributors and labels.


    C# .Net MS SQL Lucene JavaScript
  • Financial software ltd - Technical analysst & developer



    C# .Net Silverlight MS SQL JavaScript
  • Mayflower Collection - IT support & developer

    Travel & hospitality

    In house reservation system development (with WISH technologies integrations)